Active Listening Skills Class

From Body Language to Mental Focus

Active Listening Class LogoOne of the most powerful means of addressing communication problems is also one of the hardest, but does not cost a dime: providing the other person with undivided, ego-less attention until you thoroughly understand their position. TeamTrainers defines "active listening" as focusing your attention and energy on understanding the other person correctly before responding. Though using and reading body language is important, as well as standard techniques such as paraphrasing, we believe controlling what goes on in your mind is the most vital listening skill.

An Active Class, Not Just Listening

This 75- to 90-minute workshop explains the business benefits of active listening skills and offers multiple opportunities for practice. Perfect for a "Brown Bag Lunch" training series, it combines scientific findings with techniques for mental discipline to cover:

  • When and why to practice active listening skills at work.
  • What happens in the brain when listening.
  • Showing interest, in person and on the phone.
  • Maintaining mental focus.
  • Watching body language.
  • Paraphrasing to ensure understanding.
  • Controlling your emotions to prevent conflict.

Exercises at each step demonstrate that active listening is more difficult than it may seem, but also more rewarding. An exercise in reading body language, for example, proves doing so is complex but there is a simple way around that problem. The final practice session is a student favorite from among the many we do in our classes. Students will walk away better able to reduce miscommunication and conflicts at work and in their personal lives.

Though conducted at your preferred site and customized for your team's real-world issues, the per-person charge is usually less than you would pay for generic off-site training and includes a student handout. Contact TeamTrainers right away for a demonstration of effective listening skills.

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