Bursting through Communication Barriers

Fix the Root Cause of Many Workplace Complaints

Communication Barriers Class LogoComplaints about "interpersonal problems," "bad attitudes," or "conflicts" often boil down to simple miscommunications. People not delivering information when needed, in the right language and form for the audience, create many problems they end up blaming on the receivers. People not taking time to understand a message before responding, or making assumptions instead of asking questions, create many problems they end up blaming on the senders. Lower these communication barriers and you will reduce the problems. Based on the science in The SuddenTeams™ Program and a master's thesis, this half-day class is designed to improve communication in every workplace role by helping students understand:

  • How the brain works in communication situations.
  • Why miscommunications happen, to help you prevent them.
  • How to make sure receivers get the message you intended to send.
  • The need to focus your message to meet the Receiver's needs, for maximum impact.
  • Why they need to ensure their message was understood.
  • How to exchange negative information, as when giving feedback and in conflict mediation.
  • How to increase the odds of getting the results you expect from important messages.

The primary goal of the class is to create more effective communication skills, defined by TeamTrainers as, "Behaviors that accurately convey needed information to the right person(s) by the time they need it, in a way that encourages future cooperation."

Turning Communication Problems into Collaboration

The class addresses the barriers that can arise at each step of the exchange. The trainer uses examples and current communication problems solicited from students to wed theory to your reality. Special emphasis is placed throughout the class on identifying and managing potential conflicts. During the course, students plan for and draft a message they need to convey and practice active listening and feedback skills, among others. Though conducted at your preferred site and customized for your team's real-world issues, the per-person charge is usually less than you would pay for generic off-site training and includes a student guide for later reference. Contact TeamTrainers today to start lowering the barriers to great communication in and between your teams.